GROW Wireless was founded in March 2008 as a go-to-market consulting company for developers who wanted to develop and publish location-based mobile applications. The GROW Team broke new ground as people who truly understood connected and location-based mobile applications and how to work with carriers who owned the only storefronts in town.

Today, the landscape has changed radically. Access via both desktop and mobile has become essential for most SaaS companies. The “openness” of the market has dramatically expanded the range of available options and technical challenges which a software provider must address to launch a successful application or service. GROW evolved with these challenges, growing from specializing in connected mobile and location-based technologies to a full service company. We handle everything from working with a concept to taking a beta product through the “hockey stick” phase of its life cycle. This includes assessment of existing technology assets, the design and development of new ones and expertise on how to leverage cloud-based infrastructure. Our team is composed of proven experts in all aspects of mobile, web, data, server and could-based infrastructure design. Many have 15 years or more of direct industry experience.

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