GROW Wireless has a Team of Senior IT, Development and Mobile professionals on staff to make sure that as your business grows, you have people who have proven experience in commercializing and growing software products. Meet some of them here.

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Marc is President at GROW and is one of the two original founders.  He has been working in the mobile industry for over 20 years. He has a broad background from optical research in telecom to building an optical connector factory in Tijuana, Mexico, technology transfers to Brazil, the introduction of GSM to the NA market and leading Teams in world firsts in the mobile space. Over the years, Marc developed a passion for the mobile industry. He was CTO of several leading-edge companies before deciding to form his own comprised of the best-of-the-best he met during his career. GROW is that Team and he continues to expand on it today.

Marc has always enjoyed a challenge. GROW was initially formed to satisfy that passion. We started by solving issues in mobile application development that were deemed impossible either due to technology deficiencies or business / market restrictions. Over the years, GROW has evolved providing end-to-end solutions helping their clients grow to capitalize on the amazing opportunities that today’s mobile and SaaS market offer.

When Marc is not actively working on all things GROW Wireless, he spends time trying to improve his photography exploring the world around him.



Jason is our lead server architect and one of our original Team members. He is an eleven-year veteran skilled in a broad range of technologies to create, refine and support server applications that drive mobile and web applications.

Jason has had lead on a number of notable projects at GROW.  He architected the back end for the AboveBorder mobile app which automatically logs and analyzes daily location information for tax compliance for international travelers.  It had dual personalities in that it could operate standalone or tie into existing SAP deployments. He also led an exploratory project for a large multinational geomatics company in which he designed the game logic and analytics for a massively multiplayer location-based game that made use of Points of Interest, dynamic and political geofences and automated data validation as part of the game play.

Jason is an integral part of the GROW legacy application improvement and migration Team supporting existing code bases and improving our client’s products integrating new technologies bringing new levels of reliability, security and economical scale. A notable example was complete overhaul and redeployment of the server application for the “momentum” mobile app started by Redwood Technologies and later purchased by Wmode.

Prior to working with GROW, Jason was a lead contributor to a robust location application platform that was used to power location-based games, mobile navigation apps and mobile marketing services such as NA’s first GPS enabled game on a cellphone Swordfish and the world’s first real-time, massively multiplayer location-based game PhoneTag Elite which was a semifinalist in the 2008 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge in Las Vegas and many others.

When Jason is not developing, he can be found playing computer games and helping run one of Calgary’s largest online communities.



André is our lead infrastructure architect with over 15 years of experience. He architects hosting and migration solutions for our customers from small internal services to massively large.  He specializes in open source but is equally capable in some of the more popular licensed technologies like Microsoft. The number of frameworks and technologies he is skilled in is too lengthy to list. Working with startups for over 10 years, he has lead IT for 3 companies that were commercially successful and eventually bought out by larger entities.

One of the biggest of these was Tynt Multimedia, which was the eighth largest data collector in the world (2011). Tynt sold in 2012 to 33Across. Tynt is where André learned and conquered big data and the challenges it brings to IT. The infrastructure he architected collected a terabyte of new data each day and processed peaks of up to 30,000 requests per second in a single application using open source technologies. This extreme volume brought many challenges and required unique solutions, which he continues to evolve today. Andre has a belief that with proper design, open source technologies can provide the best solutions for creating highly available, highly scalable hosting platforms for web applications.

André’s passion, knowledge and his drive to understand the “Why” made him a leading expert architect in the field of IT.

When André is not developing, he is playing guitar or enjoying the great outdoors.



Anton is our one of our senior mobile developers specializing in Android and Blackberry. He is a 10-year veteran of web and mobile application development.

He designs and extends technologies for great user experience in mobile applications. He has a keen understanding of server technologies as well giving him the full picture of what it takes to create slick, trouble free mobile apps.

Anton’s specialty is connected applications that users intuitively know how to navigate and feel like the wireless networks they are working on are perfect. At GROW, Anton has designed and built everything from games to mission critical enterprise applications. He is also a key member of our legacy application improvement and migration Team with proven skills in cross platform and backwards compatibility challenges.

Prior to working at GROW, Anton has worked as a Senior Android and Blackberry developer for a number of companies, and helped design and build multiple commercial mobile applications such as “Above Border” for Above Border, “momentem” for Redwood Technologies, Trapster for Reach Unlimited, “VerifyPro” and an Android SDK library for EvidencePix.

In 2010 Anton won 1st place in the BlackBerry DevCon Developers Challenge after finishing second in the 2009 Challenge.

When Anton is not engaged in work on projects, he is continually delving into learning new things.



John is one of our senior mobile developers specializing in Android, a senior server developer and an expert in spatial technologies with 14+ years of industry experience.

John has held executive roles at a number of startups where he helped curate and develop technologies and build development teams such as KnowledgeWhere, mob4hire and Decisive Farming. He has played a lead role in many award winning mobile applications and platforms. Of particular note were a series of industry first and award winning mobile apps making it to the finals of the NAVTEQ LBS Challenge between 2006 and 2009, which were powered by a groundbreaking geospatial platform called the Location Application Platform (LAP™) for which he led the design and development. This technology eventually sold to Useful Networks.

John is also a noted technology evangelist and speaker. He has many years of first-hand experience with the full spectrum of mobile design, development and commercialization.

When John is not solving issues and building new apps and technologies and business development, he is either skiing in the Rockies, playing soccer or enjoying his new family.



Alex is our lead front-end developer. He has been developing high-end web portals for 5+ years.

Alex’s skills cover a broad range of technologies with special skills in Javascript, single page applications and front-end engineering. His solutions are elegant and secure while maintaining solid cross browser compatibility, which is key in today’s diverse web technology environment. He loves the challenges of learning new technology and applying it effectively.

When Alex is not building for the web he is on the court playing badminton.



Connor is the latest addition to the GROW Team. He brings with him over 10 years experience within the web design and start-up industry. Connor joined us as our UX Designer, front-end developer, WordPress guru, and social media expert.

Through his freelance design agency Armadillo Studios Inc, Connor has worked with clients on a variety of projects in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Austin, TX. He has also been featured as an online expert for Metro Calgary, Global Calgary, CBC Alberta and was a speaker at SXSW 2010. Connor has worked with a variety of businesses, non-profits, community organizations and political campaigns. Connor is also known as the founder of yycApps, the creator of The AlbertaTweets Project, one of the co-organizers of WordCamp Calgary 2014 & 2015 and the founder of the Calgary ProBono Lounge.

When Connor is not working on projects, you can find him enjoying all things music.



Cameron is a classically-trained engineer with 9 years experience working as a full-stack and mobile developer. He is passionate about code, believing that software needs to be built faster, cheaper *and* with increasing quality in order to meet the demands and challenges of the near future. He sees that we’re only going to need more and more code as civilization connects in a million ways that didn’t exist a decade ago, and that requires careful consideration of how we build, not just what we build.

As an occasional instructor for SAIT’s web developer program, he enjoys helping young talent develop a love of code. When he is not writing code, or teaching others to write code, Cameron volunteers with TEDxCalgary, engaging the community in conversation around ideas that matter.



Jonathan is an internationally-recognized consultant, author and speaker with over 15 years in the software industry. He is an expert on mobile development and has helped companies all over the world create great digital experiences for their customers. He has worked with household name companies (including some of the world’s biggest brands) as well as early stage startups, particularly in his home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a sought after product management consultant with expertise in user experience design for web, mobile, and wearables, and is a certified gamification designer.

Jonathan is a popular speaker at software development conferences worldwide, and has published over 40 technical articles in software publications such as Better Software and Smashing Magazine. He is a contributing author to three books, including “The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps” and is the sole author of the book “Tap Into Mobile Application Testing”. He is currently working on the follow up book “Tap Into Mobile Application Design”. Locally, he is the founder and organizer of the Calgary Software Product Managers meetup.

In his spare time, Jonathan can be found strumming a guitar, or turning a wrench on his 1955 Pontiac custom car. He also writes articles for hot rod magazines.

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