GROW offers the extra advantage of managed solutions that are tailored to you and your application.

Now that you have built your application, you need to monetize it.  For SaaS, this requires hosting.  GROW has been providing hosting design and operations support for nearly a decade.

GROW Wireless offers the extra advantage of managed solutions that are tailored to you and your application.  Whether you require a small virtual machine or a multi-server high availability platform, every hosting package we offer includes service monitoring, alerts, backups and regular maintenance to your hosting environment.

Want superior up-time?  We build high availability systems using redundancy and zero point of failure solutions in all parts of the infrastructure.

Want increased security?  We have options for managed firewall services and a host of other security initiatives to protect you and your customers.

Want big data?  We architect big data solutions such as Hadoop and Glusterfs.

Our hosting partner has SSAE16-certified Security Operations Centers designed to achieve SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliance.

GROW has a Team of Senior IT, Development and Mobile professionals on staff to make sure that as your business grows, you have people who have proven experience in commercializing and growing software products.

We save you money by providing the most complete quality service available in a single package.  We reduce the need for IT resources in your company and leverage the skills of our entire Team.

Products & Services

  • Hosting – dedicated machines, VPS’s, VLANs, shared or dedicated storage.
  • SSL certificate management
  • Managed firewalls
  • DNS management including secondary DNS
  • Backups and complete system restores
  • System maintenance
  • Multi-zone environments including production, staging and development zones each with custom deployment scripts to ensure what you develop will work in production before deploying it.

System Monitoring

System monitoring provides statistics that allow us to monitor the health of your system to identify issues before they become a problem and provide information for infrastructure growth planning.

  • Individual service performance
  • Network performance
  • Storage consumption
  • CPU and Memory usage
  • Traffic
  • Security and vulnerability scanning


We provide alerting services no matter the size of your deployment.  Alerts are enabled 24 x 7 x 365 to be able to give you peace of mind and exceptional quality of service.

  • Resource usage
  • On-line / off-line conditions
  • Network performance

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